Why hire instead of buying? Other than affordability and creating more wardrobe space, hiring is a great place to start to minimise our individual impact on the environment. Clothing hire is the way forward to playing our part in sustainable fashion, having a much smaller environmental footprint compared to purchasing.

At The Designer Collection, we use compostable courier bags to play our part in sustainable fashion. These bags are designed to not only be used in the delivery of your outfit but also the return, ultimately reducing our waste by half, with one easy step. 

In an effort to minimise our paper use, we have laminated our return cards so that we are able to use these repeatedly. 

Given that our garments are cared for in a way that allows them to be worn multiple times, by choosing to hire your next outfit you are reducing the number of times a garment needs to be manufactured, processed and disposed of.

We are always looking for ways to improve our consumption habits and invite any new suggestions you may have for us. 

Thank you for playing your part in sustainable fashion!