I’m Milly, the owner of The Designer Collection. I founded my business with the idea to maximise the usage of my dresses by hiring them out to others at an affordable price. After finishing high school I started a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management at The University of Canterbury. With no idea how to run a business I slowly gained useful skills and a stronger passion for how a business markets it’s products. 

In extension of this aim, my curiosity behind sustainable fashion led me to want to encourage others to utilise sustainable practices. This created the idea of allowing dresses to have more than one life. The dresses I provide here at The Designer Collection are offered at an affordable price to inspire you to rent, instead of purchasing.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support The Designer Collection and to the girls that consistently rent with us. I look forward to helping you find a garment for your special event!

Feel free to flick me a message via instagram @thedesigner.collection if you have any queries!

With love,